Reiki Training

As a Reiki Master Teacher I have developed my own way to teach Reiki.

My students buy the course and will receive a text booklet and a questionnaire booklet in all Reiki levels.

Once the student has read the text booklet and answered the questionnaire we will book a day to go through the questionnaire. I will answer all the students doubts and do the attunements.

At all levels I will share my personal knowledge as a Reiki practitioner with my students. The course is ‘one to one’ to focus on the student learning.
After the course is completed, I will make myself available to the students for any questions that may arise.

It is such an honour to be part of your journey to guide when needed to open your new path towards healing with Reiki energy ‘Universal Life Force’.

Refresher – Reiki Level 1, 2, 3A, 3B

You may feel the need to refresh your memory and redo some of your Reiki Levels.

As soon as you can prove that you have done the course before we can do the refresher of any level with a 20% discount.

Reiki level 1

£150 including booklets

In this level you will be introduced to Reiki history, and you will have your first attunement.

At this point, you will be connected to the Reiki energy, learn about Chakras.

How to recognise when your helpers and guides are working side by side with you.

After the attunement you will be able to heal yourself, your family, your pets, your environment, and your food but you will not yet be considerate a practitioner.

Practitioners are professional who charges for their services.

Reiki level 2

£210 including booklets

At this level you will be introduced to some more Reiki symbols giving you the title of practitioner.

You may feel more connected to the energy increasing your psychic and spiritual awareness.

Reiki level 3A

£160 including booklets

At Reiki level 3A you will learn the last symbol of Usui Reiki and you will be revising all three levels to become a Reiki Master.

You will feel the Reiki energy with more strength and the deep urge to heal ourselves and others.

Reiki level 3B

£160 including booklets

At this point you are already a Reiki Master but if you wish to become a Reiki Master Teacher you will need to do this course.

It is quite an intensive course because you will be learning how to teach others to carry on the lineage.

How long should we give between the attunements?

As a Master Teacher I would advise a three-month gap between one level to another because you will need to sink and adapt to all the information that you have learnt.