Possible Benefits from Treatments - Reiki and Reiki with Crystals

– Lowers stress levels
– Can alleviate depression
– Improves general wellbeing
– Reduces anxiety
– Relief from physical pain
– Aids better sleep
– Can bring a sense of deep relaxation
– Improves focus
– Boosts the immune system
– Supports Emotional Rebalancing
– Promotes harmony and balance
– Deep spiritual connection
– Supports the body to cleanse from toxins
– Activates and Accelerates the body’s self healing process
– Dissolves energy blocks to restore natural balance between body mind and Spirit

Holistic Therapy is not a cure. It can however, work very well alongside medical treatments prescribed by Licensed medical practitioners. It can help support you into re-balancing and healing.
It can also bring relief from medically diagnosed conditions. Some of which are listed below.

– Cancer
– Pain in chronically ill patients
– Fibromyalgia Symptoms
– Pre and Post-Menopause Symptoms
– Cognition in elderly, related to dementia and Alzheimer’s
– Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain
– Cognition in elderly, related to dementia and Alzheimer’s
– Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain

Who can have Reiki and Reiki with Crystals?

All therapies above are non-invasive complementary treatments. Everyone can have them including pregnant woman, babies and children. Treatment can also be sent to you by you submitting your name and date of birth or your photograph. You do not need to believe in the universal life force energy for you to experience any of the benefits of treatments.

Even if you physically do not have strong sensations during the treatment you can recognize the overall change in your wellbeing.

What Happens in the sessions?

You will be introduced to your chosen treatment and asked what has brought you here today, in order for the therapist to establish if it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You will then be asked to make yourself comfortable for the session to begin.

You may feel various sensations or none at all. Some people experience deep relaxation, intense cold or heat or a prickling sensation but it is never painful or invasive as the treatment is done by “hands off”.

You may feel the benefits after your second treatment if you don’t feel it on you first. After the clearing of negative energy you may feel emotional, physically “strange” or tired and you may need to rest for the day.

All the treatments listed above tend to have a positive affect in most people and can help boost your energy field.

Post Therapy Session

It is advisable to drink plenty of water after treatment.

Possible benefits of Access Consciousness Bar

– Increase the sense of peace and ease
– Increase self-awareness
– Increase sensorial awareness. As you become more conscious, your perceptual awareness expands
– Be less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past.
– Be more restful and be able to sleep better
– Get into deep relaxation
– Unlock energies that you have locked in your body
– Enhance mental clarity
– Enhance problem solving
– Better relationships
– Self-discipline